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5 ways to improve your display advertising performance

Banner or Display Advertising has always been one of the lowest performing digital tactics in terms of direct responses, as compared to paid search and paid social, or direct emails. However, all is not doomed. With advancement in advertising technology, there are many ways to improve display advertising. Here are 5 ways:

1. Adopt Dynamic Creative Optimization technique.

Dynamic Creative Optimization allows different components within a banner, to be rendered and serves in real-time, based on data such as demographic, intent or past interactions. Using a Dynamic Creative Optimization, it is possible to examine consumer behavior online. By doing this, advertisers will be able to serve different ads to different audience in real-time, without increasing creative production cost exponentially.

Dynamic Creative Optimization allows you to improve the marketing experience for your users and customers. In an age where people are constantly using adblocks, this has become far more essential. It is crucial that the ads being used are relevant to the audience. With Dynamic Creative, ads can be refreshed and adapted in real-time to drive engagement with the user.

2. Explore different ad sizes and format.

You should examine and investigate the possibility of using different ad sizes for your campaigns. A study by CPXi and Appnexus indicates that "The more ad sizes a campaign uses, the better the performance. Campaigns using the top three display sizes have a CPM less than half that of campaigns using only the 300x250 unit, and campaigns with seven display sizes have a CPM 60% lower". And in separate study by Adroll, it concluded that "Larger ad sizes are recommended because they perform better".

If you are using Enzymic Solution to build your content ads, here are the ad sizes available:

  1. Medium Rectangle: 300x250 - One of the highest volume of ad inventory available.

  2. Leader Board 728x90 - One of the highest volume of ad inventory available.

  3. Half Page 300x600 - Lesser inventory available compared to Medium Rectangle, but better performance due to the large ad size.

  4. Billboard 970x250 - Lesser inventory available compared to Medium Rectangle, but better performance due to the large ad size.

  5. Super leaderboard 970x90 - Super leaderboard is basically an expanded version of the traditional leaderboard; it’s about 33% wider than the standard leaderboard

3. Testing, testing, testing

Ads need to be constantly and continuously tested to ensure that they are reaching the highest level of engagement with the audience. An ad should always be tested thoroughly before being released to the wide audience. A poor ad could damage the reputation of your client and may even cause sales to shrink. A/B testing is one of the most popular ways to test ads and ensure that they are reaching their full potential. Through A/B testing, you can amend small details of an ad and examine what impact it has on the marketing campaign. You can run multiple ads at the same time and compare the results.

4. Optimise like paid search

Everyone knows and treat Paid Search as form of Performance Marketing, with ROI in terms of Cost per Acquisition closely monitor and optimised. For Display Ads, you should too employ similar approach in how you manage your display advertising. Optimizing of ad copy, images, landing pages, targeting should be part and parcel of display adversiting.

5. Use Remarketing tactics

You need to consider the possibility of remarketing to boost your display advertising performance. When a customer first sees an ad, they might not click on it straight away. Through remarketing tactics, that ad will appear again to them, perhaps in a slightly different format. This is the definition of a targeted approach to marketing. You will be able to track the consumer as they continue to search the net. Eventually, they may click on the ad because it keeps appearing while they are searching. A typical e-commerce conversion rate is just 2 percent. To get the other 98, you need to seek out previous users through remarketing.

Using these tactics, you should able break the myth that "Banners are dead". and boost your display advertising performance.

Enzymic Content Ads Management Platform helps advertisers to optimise their display advertising effort, why not reach out to us for a quick demo and free trial?


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