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Once a while, a product is born that will redefine advertising industry. When the first real time bidding was transacted, or first Data Management Platform was invented, or even when the first banner was served in 1994 by AT&T. Now a new Dynamic Creative Solution is about to reinvent the Dynamic Creative Category, a category that sometimes call Programmatic Creative, Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO), Creative Side Platform etc.. A category with many names that continue to reinvent themselves, and Adzymic is in the heart of it, combining, performance, native, and dynamic creatives into one single platform. We are ready to show how it should be done.

Marketer's Challenges on Dynamic Creative Solutions

Long Setup Process


Dynamic Creative setup can be daunting. Product feeds, tags, parameters passing between systems often took the toil out of most sophisticated marketers and agencies.

Tedious on-going maintenance

Price change, new category added , ads design that require highly skilled designer and HTML 5 programmer to code. Dynamic Creative can sometimes be a nightmare to maintain.


Long setup process and tedious maintenance result in: High setup cost, maintenance and design cost. And not forgetting inflated ad-serving cost.

Adzymic Dynamic Creative Solution

Adzymic Smart Targeting allow personalised dynamic ads to be shown based on site interaction. With the implementation of Adzymic Smart Tag, we are able to track user behaviour, conversion (Available soon) and provide truly end to end tracking. Most importantly, Adzymic Smart Tag will generate Ads automatically and allow clients to scale their ads production with a single tag. We are making product feed obsolete.

Quick Setup

Dynamic Creative in days, not months

By using our Smart Tag technology, Dynamic Creative can be easily setup.

Automated ads creation

One single tag setup, auto ad generation.

By using our Smart Tag technology, ads are constantly updated and allow us to capture component on the pages such as "Discounted Price", "Special Offer", "Previous Price" etc.


Work with major DSPs (e.g. DBM, DataXu, Mediamath, GDN)

Our technology is built to work with Industry leading Ad Server and Demand Side Platform (DSP), so that your trading team can take care of bidding while we focus on dynamic creatives management.

Complete Transparency

We display how the data are collected, matched, counted and much more.

Our platform provide complete transparency by showing different unique counts for each pages and ads.

Use Cases of Smart Targeting

Personalised experience delivered.

Abandon Cart

Dynamic Creative in days, not months

Show Product Ads to that users have recently browsed or abandon cart

Most Viewed Content

Promote most read content such as most viewed articles, most popular products to users 

Product or Content Recommendation

Dynamic Creative in days, not months

Show Product or Content Ads that users may interested in based on page visited or similar behavior of other visitors

Content Ads Exclusion

Exclude content that have been viewed by user 

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