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How Demand Side Platforms Boost Your Advertising Operation Efficiencies

Demand. Is it huge? 

Side. Which side? 

Platforms. Wow, how many? 

Although sounds complex, Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a consolidated, neat, transparent marketplace for advertising buyers to run their operations through an intelligent operations software. 

Marketers' expectations from such processes are streamlined buying, able to reach out to target audiences with little limitation, real-time bidding with greater control and a unified campaign management and reporting tool. 

DSPs do just that. Buying display, video, mobile and search advertising with one centralized buying power. It is crucial to identify and then target the right audience–at the right time, on the right channel which DSPs offer huge capabilities doing so. Since the preparation of the advertising is completed, and it is ready to go live, it also means that it is ready for the competition with other advertisers' ads to grab the best spot and slot, bidding price gets into the picture to award the best bidder. This is where the advertisers are provided stronger pricing power with better control. And liaising with various web publishers, ad networks, exchanges, ad servers may cause different campaign management dashboards, metrics, reporting and billing functionalities. However, DSPs eliminate such a mess and unify the said modules for the marketers' conveniences so that they can have a transparent, clear picture and have enough bandwidth to have a holistic view of their own advertising campaign performances. 

A significant advantage of working with DSPs is being able to interact directly with the web publishers. While reducing the spending on audiences that are not part of the plan, DSPs–up to a certain extent, allow clear visibility to the user demographics of the purchased inventory that allows campaign managers to optimize and precisely target their audiences for much better results. 

Social Video Lab has access to local, regional and global ad space through its large-scale inventory suppliers and keeps a professional eye on your campaign performances by tracking views, impressions, conversions and any other relevant metrics.   

For all your integrated campaigns that use both branding and performance intelligence to build awareness, increase conversions and drive greater efficiencies, contact us now. 


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