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Guide - How to Evolve your Creative & Media Strategies to Thrive in the Cookieless World

Cookies have long been the cornerstone of audience targeting in the digital advertising space. But time is runningout for this privacy-invading technique as leading web browser Google Chrome will be phasing out third-party cookies, joining the likes of other major browser makers like Safari and Firefox. The future of the Internet seeks to uphold privacy protection without impacting the efficacy of paid advertising. These impending changes will shake up the entire industry and are already creating radical shifts to ad tracking methods.

The purpose of this 20 pages whitepaper is to share our point of view on driving digital marketing performance in the cookieless world, including the future of how Dynamic Creative Optimisation would function under post-cookie conditions.

What you can get from the free guide:

  • Expectations and Preparations in a cookieless world

  • Modern marketing techniques for the cookieless era, focusing on Privacy-centricity and Creative Technology

  • How Dynamic Creative Optimisation will continue to thrive for personalized advertising in the cookieless world


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