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Digital Advertising Superstores: Demand Side Platforms

World today is about efficiency. Dictionary meaning of efficiency is "Skilfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort". That is why nowadays we want to find everything under a single roof. We want to - at a single go, handle multiple tasks.

Same went for digital advertising. Advertisers wished to handle everything through a single interface that allows them to have access to several or many suppliers all at once. Manage digital inventories, handle multiple advertising and data exchanges all via real time bidding. All at the cost and time which they set by themselves. Advertisers allocate the budget they wish to utilise, define their target audiences, set their delivery schedules, manage their advertising creatives and then track and optimise where necessary. All under the same interface. Instant. Live.

While Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) cater to the needs from in-house teams to large-scale advertising agencies, main principles behind stay the same, at the same sophistication level. Everyone is targeting someone through some attractive call to action messages and creatives with different budgets and perhaps overlapping schedules. DSPs often offer clarity on the performance sources on impressions and clicks that advertisers can make better and informed decisions. Additionally, DSPs' access to multiple platforms such as display, mobile, social, video, search and even in-game inventory makes it incredibly useful for advertisers to entrust their campaigns to DSPs. Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) that are parallel to DSPs allow publishers open and sell their advertising inventories to advertising exchanges.

Typically, DSPs provide user interfaces that consist digital advertising buying, advertisement management, creating ads, serving ads together with reports and billing functionalities. In a nutshell, they are like digital advertising superstores. With DSPs' deep expertise and familiarity with historical and ongoing data that is translated via advanced intelligence tools, an attentive marketer can retrieve marvelous reports and transform the results to business actions easily.

Social Video Lab provides its clients access to global partners that excel in DSP operations. From native ads to programmatic, video advertising to social, Social Video Lab caters a wide range of digital campaign needs and reflects its immense regional experiences for better campaign performances.


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