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Adzymic Offers Real Dynamism in Creative Solutions

Cookies in the browser cache. Piggybacking existing cookies. Personal Data Protection Acts. User activated blocker add-ons. Incognito browsing. Neat users deleting everything at the end of each use. These are all the matters of the past.

Users used to be tracked and re-targeted based on their information registered in their browser cookies. And each product page had to be tagged by the publisher individually to pass the corresponding products' information correctly to the cookies for the user to be re-targeted again.

Adzymic has changed the entire game. Instead of using the cookie-based information for the personalized ads and re-targeting efforts, Adzymic Smart Targeting tests the user's site interaction first to determine which ads will be shown. This not only brings together having more understanding on user's behaviour but also gives together the conversion tracking options (coming soon) and offers an end to end tracking. Ads are generated automatically, and clients can scale their ads production through a single ad tag.

This dynamic creative solution offers quick setup, cookie-less approach, automated ads creation, full compatibility to major DSPs (Demand Side Platform) and clear and complete transparency. While it facilitates ad creative operations, it also follows and aligns the ad delivery with the logical sequence for the user's interaction with the site: Awareness, Consideration and Action.

The most important key features of Adzymic Smart Tags are its ability and compatibility to be placed on all product pages across the site, its ability to collect users' behaviours and pages information to understand their interaction with the products and the site, auto-generation of ads based on the pages' information that the user has interacted and exhibiting to the users advertising materials related to their earlier interactions with the site's pages and the products.

In a nutshell, Adzymic has up shifted the gear in the game and leading the creative solutions arena with its highly dynamic nature while simplifying the preparation for the advertisers and the publishers dramatically.

Adzymic Smart Tags just get "Smarter" every day.

For all your digital advertising strategies, planning, enablement, execution and activation please contact Social Video Lab now.   


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