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Adzymic launches Social Display Ads

Helping brands to expand their Social Ads into Programmatic Display

Social Ads format such as sponsored posts, carousel ads has always been an effective way to boost or promote brands' contents and products. Now there is an additional way to promote these social ads - via Programmatic Display.

Introducing Adzymic Social Display Ads

Using Adzymic Dynamic Creatives Platform, advertisers can now easily boost their social ads programmatically across display inventory. With the rising cost of Facebook CPM, the new ad formats allow advertisers to extend their reach in cost effective way through programmatic channels.

Advantages of Adzymic Social Display Ads:

Here are some features:

  1. Re-purpose existing social post in less than 2 min using Adzymic Dynamic Creatives Platform.

  2. Run across Display Inventory (300x600 and 320x480), programmatically, so that means all your standard targeting, brand-safety applies.

  3. Work with major Demand Side Platforms (Verizon Media, TradeDesk, Adform, Mediamath, Google DV 360), and even Google Display Network.

  4. Allows specific landing page.

Check out our Social Display Ads below:

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