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Adzymic Dynamic Creative Solutions: A Locomotive in Simplifying Processes and Delivering Results

Working with various publishers, advertising networks or even with a single website with plenty of channels and product pages at the same time requires intensive and time-consuming preparations in ad creative processes.

Each placement at each location often requires a unique ad tag to track and re-target the users as well as a diverse set of creative dimensions. Once the challenging preparations are settled and campaign has commenced, the collection of the dis-unified performance data and lack of homogeneousness of the ad creative alongside with the website content remains as a major concern. Why? Because this is still very much like year 2000s concept.

Adzymic Dynamic Creative Solutions addresses just that. It simplifies the creative management processes up to the furthest extent and brings forward the transformation of display advertising into native and performance marketing engines.

Then how does Adzymic do that? It amalgamates the display advertising with the site content which in return yields native ads. This is a crucial step as it has a key role in performance in the promotion. Preparation of the ad units are simplified and made homogenous to fit into the vast majority of DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) and vertical networks as well as select websites. Everything is automated, and it is no longer required to invest days, weeks or even months to produce hundreds of different ad units. While during the delivery, optimization and personalization is at its best to ensure that the data collected drives the campaign performance.

Adzymic offers self-managed Native Content Creative and Management, seamlessly accommodates HTML5 and AMP format content ads, has full integration with all major ad servers and DSPs, has functions to run on in-banner videos such as on YouTube and interactive videos, hosts machine learning optimization engine results and mobile enabled, operable and optimized.

Adzymic Dynamic Creative Solutions up-shifted the gear in creative solutions arena. Please contact Social Video Lab now to find out more.   


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